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Avalanche Knowledge Test (Puzzle search)

Avalanche Knowledge Test (Puzzle search)

Hello Team,

To contribute to the recognition of Ava Labs, Avalanche and AVAX, and to refresh our community's knowledge about Avalanche, I organized an award-winning knowledge testing event in accordance with the terms I post on Twitter. For this purpose, I hid 50 words and terms from the Ava Labs website in a jigsaw puzzle. I gave tips on Twitter at certain times to make it easier for participants to guess. 

Activity details:

The event announcement: shared on Twitter and Avalanche Hub with the below link:


Project object:

Project goals: Marketing and education

Time: Publishing Time 7:42 PM · Oct 4, 2020·Twitter Web App - Oct 11, 2020   8.00 pm (UTC)

Reward:  5 AVAX --- 8.6 AVAX--- 9 AVAX and 10 SCBY coin (about $40)

               Note: My contribution 8.6 AVAX, and Giuseppe's 0.4 AVAX & 10 SCBY Coin

Winner: @Ayobami79

Results: The puzzle was difficult for the participants, but they had to deserve this prize too. It was decided to develop simpler projects for a wider participation-oriented event. 

Another conclusion is that Avangers do not contribute to reward development as they really love their AVAX :). I saw that the interest of the environment outside our community remained weak as the amount of the prize did not increase.


Author: Zybk70
Published on: 13/10/2020 02:44 (edited on: 25/10/2020 17:02)

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